A Massive Lesson I Have Learned in My Business – Stop Offering Things I Hate Doing.

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Today, I want to share a major lesson that I’ve learned on my business journey. And believe me, it’s a lesson that hit me like a ton of bricks and completely changed the game for me. So grab a coffee (or something stronger if that’s your style) and let me spill the tea.

Let me take you back to when I first started freelancing. The early days filled with lots of hustle and ambition. Back then, I was offering anything and everything under the sun, even if I totally sucked at it. Why? Well, I was chasing the dollar like most new entrepreneurs. But here’s the thing, friend — that approach was sucking the absolute life out of me.

A course I signed up for finally call me out on the bullshit I was doing. It made me realize that I needed to stop forcing myself to do things that just didn’t work for me. It was time to focus on my creative zone of genius. So, I made some major shifts, and let me tell you, they made all the difference.

Here are a handful of things I did to shift my business towards only offering things I was deeply passionate about (and actually really good at):

  1. Stopped Offering Off-Page SEOLook, let’s keep it real here—I absolutely HATE doing SEO for my own biz. So, why the hell was I going to offer it to others? Plus, to be honest, it’s not my strong suite. SEO is a whole animal of its own, with so many moving parts. So, I made the wise decision to stay in my lane and leave SEO to the experts who eat, sleep, and breathe that stuff.
  2. Partnered with a CopywriterThis move, my friends, was absolute gold. I brought an extremely talented copywriter onto my team to assist with the brand strategy sessions and website development projects. And let me tell you, it has CHANGED THE GAME for my biz. We went from offering design solutions to creative solutions. I went from feeling like I was leaving something on the table or my clients hanging – to feeling so f’n confident that what I was delivering to my clients is literally drippinggggg in gold.
  3. Stopped Offering One-Off Projects for New ClientsOver time, I realized just how freaking important it is to have a solid brand identity that guides every aspect of a brand and business. Without it, creating anything for my clients was so difficult. It felt like shooting in the dark and not really having any idea where the target is. So, I put my foot down and made a boundary. I no longer offer one-off projects for anyone who hasn’t previously created a brand with me. With a solid brand identity as our foundation, I have a clear sense of direction. It’s given me the power to create design solutions that truly align with our clients’ brand and business goals. No more guesswork or constant revisions.

Those were just a few of the major shifts I’ve made in my business. They’ve helped me dodge burnout, imposter syndrome, and holding myself back. It’s amazing what happens when you start focusing on your creative zone of genius and stop forcing yourself to do things you hate.

So, my business owner, take this lesson to heart. Stop offering things you hate doing. Embrace your zone of genius and focus on what sets your soul on fire. Find the right partners who complement your strengths and elevate your work. And most importantly, establish strong boundaries that allow you to create your best work and bring immense value to your clients.

And if you’re looking for a partner to help you with the struggle of your DIY brand and website, it’s time to delegate those soul-sucking tasks to the professionals. Don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to become an expert in something you have no desire to learn. 🙂

Take this as a sign to work with an expert who knows how to bring your vision to life. Apply now to schedule your discovery call and let’s kick-start your journey!

July 31, 2023

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